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Multidraw allows people to simultaneously draw together using superDraw. Multidraw uses Eric Redlinger's brilliant mrmr system to allow users to draw together at the same time.

currently there are two ways to connect to a multiDraw installation:

iPhone or iTouch: install the free Mrmr app (link goes to mrmr app in the store) on your iphone using the app store (click the link above or just search for mrmr in the app store). Once installed, make sure you're on the same wireless network as the superDraw performance, and simply run mrmr. The superDraw server will automatically connect you and give you the interface you need to play.

windows laptop: install the free superDrawClient java app (currently win32 only). The app runs java and is usable on windows laptops (support for other OS'es coming soon). double click "run.bat" after unzipping and it should connect to the performance automatically, allowing you to draw using any pointing device.

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