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superDraw is a platform for visual expression using drawing. At the most basic level it is a simple line drawing program. The aim is to give the artist super powers by enabling them to do things impossible with pen and paper while retaining the basic idea of a drawing interface. superDraw explores the idea of storing animation within a single line. The artist has complete control of all aspects of the line and it's visual representation.

In its current iteration, the program is being used as a visual instrument, providing visuals for live music.

The artist is encouraged to respond to what they hear, rather than rely on automatic processes. This allows a greater freedom of expression and deeper collaboration between artist and musician. SuperDraw becomes an instrument itself, adding to the overall performance.

Possible future directions for the program include interactive video installations, dance performances, physical computing, and games.

superDraw was originally created in flash - but as the program gained complexity flash's speed limitations quickly became apparent. after some experimentation I ported the program to processing. Processing is a fantastic alternative, for many reasons - the most important being support for graphics hardware acceleration via openGL. As the program has grown in complexity, it has outgrown the simple nature of the processing "sketch" format. The current version of superDraw has been completely re-written in Java, but still uses elements of the Processing core.

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