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: a multi user drawing installation :

superDraw by Joshue Ott
music by Ezekiel Honig
wiimoteGrabber (wiimote interface application) by Joshue Ott, Morgan Packard, and Jacob Rigby

This piece aims to allow people to interact with art in a cyclical manner, whereby they can change both the visual and sonic nature of the installation, which then affects the manner in which another user reacts to that change, enacts their own direction on the installation, and so on. It promotes collaboration, movement and interaction with a unique system of multi-sensory stimulation, involving the physical body as well as visual and audible stimuli. It allows the user/viewer to create their own space within the space of the installation, crossing the boundary beyond being a passive audience member into the realm of creating the art itself, while remaining within the framework of the project.

superDraw was originally conceived as a visual alternative to a musical instrument, and has developed into a live generative art system, which uses the power of the modern computer to augment the simple act of drawing - transforming it into an evolving process whereby the user can watch their input shift in a careful balance of control and chance. The multi-user version of the instrument, which involves integrated audio, creates an immersive experience for multiple people to engage with and share, in a marriage of technology and interactive art.

the piece will premiere at Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008: (see news page for more info)

see video of the alpha version in action here.

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